Sunday, February 6, 2011

daddy's big helper

Jase's goal was to put off raking long enough so that all the leaves would be off the trees, and he could just do one really big yard day. He made it out there on Christmas Eve. Tripp and Daddy quickly realized they needed help, so they called in Uncle Matt for back up. Eventually they finished thanks to their big helper, Tripp. 

Friday, February 4, 2011

getting ready for baby... number 2

I am 10 days away from my due date. It is a nerve-racking thing waiting on a baby to arrive. I think the you-have-no-control-here feeling helps you prepare for being a parent. Our older son, Tripp, is almost 20 months- so we will have 2 under 2, and officially be "baby bunchers". I have spoken to a lot, A LOT, of parents who have had children very close together and the general consensus for the first couple years is: (1) it is an insane whirlwind, (2) you work primarily on a survival-only basis, and (3) you don't remember much.

Although I am sure 1 & 2 are unavoidable, I am determined (to attempt) to change #3. So... I started a blog! I started reading "mom blogs" when I was pregnant with Tripp. I read about strangers who were pregnant too, and what they went through. It was nice knowing I wasn't alone, and I learned a lot from other moms' experiences. I read blogs where people were going through tragedies and really horrific things, and just cried in front of my computer. And I read about the hilarious things kids do, and how other moms survived nursing, and pumping, and working full time. Mostly though, they wanted to record things about their kids to remember. And that is my goal here. My objective it to blog once a week, which may be overly ambitious... especially since I have never been successful at maintaining a journal.

Jase, my husband, will be blogging here as well though so maybe that will keep things going. We are just waiting to meet our new little one, boy or girl- it's kind of like the calm before the storm. Any day now...