Tuesday, April 10, 2012

dear jase

Dear Jase,
I think it is incredibly amusing that I've know you since 1998
and dated you since 2004
and been engaged to you since 2006
and been married to you since 2007...

but I still didn't know until today that you knew every single comic-book-super-hero-justice-league-person that there was. Not till today when I asked Tripp if he wanted blue superhero or yellow superhero underwear, and you looked over and said, "that is Captain America and that is Wolverine".  And continued to name everyone else on down the line.

There are so many times I am glad I'm not doing this by myself. But especially days like today. And also when I hear you in the bathroom telling our son "Ok, you don't have to stand up to pee, but you have to start soon". Because I wouldn't know how important that was.

I'm glad that even after all this time, you still have some surprises up your sleeve.