Friday, June 24, 2011

shout out

and also a "Happy Birthday" to my sole follower, and my favorite big sister


This morning was the first time that I got a pair of shoes for Tripp to wear, and he said: "No Mama. These shoes", and picked out his own pair. My little guy is growing up too fast. Last night we went to listen to Daddy play the drums downtown on the Red River. It was fun (and a "little" hot), and Tripp had a blast. Nana helped pack our picnic of sandwiches, chips/goldfish, grapes, and oreos. My favorite chips in the whole world are BBQ baked lays. This was Tripp's first time to have them, and he liked them so much that he wanted everyone to have some. His sweet little thoughtful heart makes me so happy. He walked around our blanket and gave (put it in their mouth) each person a chip. And also randomly held up fistfuls and yelled to strangers "Chips! Chips!" so they could share in the excitement too.

As I put him in his carseat this morning, I said, "I love you, Tripp"
"Love you, Mama"
I signed happy and said "Tripp makes Mama happy"
He signed it too and said "Mama happy. Tripp happy"

Be still my heart.

On the way to school he tells me about everything we see.
"Mama, truck"
"I see that truck"
"Mama, big truck"
"Wow Tripp. That is a big truck"
"Mama, bus. Mama, choo-choo train."
"You're right, that is a train"
"Mama, airplane" (picture on a billboard)

Then we pass a truck, pulling a trailer... with horses in it.
"Tripp do you see those horses?"
Then he just screamed, at the top of his lungs because he was so excited...a few times. And I said, "Tripp don't scare Frannie, she can't see the horses"
So he pointed at them, and yelled, "Frannie, horses! Frannie, horses!"

I love that he thinks about her all the time. Where she is. How she's doing. If she's upset.
When he walks past her, she just grins ear to ear and laughs. She's just so excited to see him, and she's only 4 months old. I feel so blessed to be a Mama. To be their Mama. I never knew my heart could hold so much love--