Thursday, June 28, 2012

break time

Here were are in Natchitoches. We spent 24 hours away from the kiddos and went to stay at a Bed and Breakfast. Such a treat and just around the time of our 5 year wedding anniversary. These are the only 2 pictures we took and I can't decide which one I like best.. I would love to make this an annual tradition. It was so much fun wandering down Front Street in and out of all the little shops. We had so much good food to eat! Fried green tomatoes, corn and crab bisque, filet, and much more. Dinner on the lake at The Mariner during sunset was just awesome. What a salad bar! I got the rasberry bread pudding, but next time I'm going with the key lime pie- my favorite. The only thing we missed, and the main reason we must go back, were the meat pies! Lasyone's is not opened on Sundays- and some one told me it was sacrilegious to eat them from any where else :)

Our bed and breakfast has the BEST breakfast! I usually don't eat very much right after I wake up, so I couldn't finish it. Yogurt with strawberries and bananas. French toast piled with whipped cream and more fresh fruit, and sausage, and coffee. Our inn keeper also made this delicious juice concoction- orange and pineapple? I'll have to check with my partner... Anyway- It was a perfect little break, and I can't wait to go back and visit.