Tuesday, September 4, 2012

the old switch-er-roo

Last night we put the kiddos to bed and then went out to the living room to watch The Hunger Games. An hour later while delivering some clean laundry, I noticed Tripp's orange L-shaped pillow was strangely placed on our bed and I didn't think it had been there before. I walked into his room to find him with MY body pillow- which happens to be atleast twice as long as he is- snuggled all up on it and sound asleep!

I went to check with the hubs to see if he had for some reason given Tripp the body pillow. He said no... and we both couldn't stop laughing at the thought of him bringing his pillow to my bed as a trade for the body pillow. Jase: "He must have thought you wouldn't notice". The things Tripp says and does are absolutely hilarious! He is such a sweet boy, although [sometimes unfortunately] he never runs out of things to say. Waiting for his turn to talk is terrible torture for him.

I felt guilty about switching the pillows back after he was asleep, but at 31 weeks pregnant I cannot possibly go 1 night without my body pillow! We are going to have to keep our eyes on this one...