Wednesday, November 16, 2011

pumpkin run

Here is our family after the pumpkin run. I think this is the only photo I have of all four of us; how sad. (I guess I should also point out that Tripp is not "acting like a gangster" like my sister suggested, but he's eating a dum-dum that someone gave him. Boy likes his candy.) I'm very excited that we're going to get some professional pics done next week. My first pumpkin run was in 2007 as a new LSU employee and a newlywed. It was a lot of fun and very, very cold. The next few years I signed up, paid my registration, and got my t-shirt. Something always came up the morning of to keep us away. In 2009 and 2010, Tripp woke up with fever. In 2008, I'm not exactly sure what happened, but I think Jase convinced me it was too cold outside. No matter- this year I was determined to make it.

We borrowed a double jogging stroller from our generous friends John and Whitney, and were ready to race. We were off to a great start! When we hit the third and final mile, Tripp decided he wanted to "walk". Translation for people who are not parents of 2 year olds: meander around, pick up rocks, squat and look a things on the ground, point out cars, point out houses, point out animals, point out... well, you get it. I'm not complaining! I like having my own personal narrator of life (unless we are running terribly late to somewhere important). My goal was to finish in an hour, and we still crossed the finish line at 1:00:46! Record time for the Wilkerson's.

Happy Fall Y'all

Friday, November 11, 2011

and there went october

October seemed to fly by more quickly than the other months. Life is swirling and whirling by, and I'm just trying to keep up. Most of the time when people casually say "How are you?" I want to proudly say "I am still standing". Some days that seems like my only accomplishment.

I've been putting off blogging until I can get pictures to accompany the stories, but I've given that up. Pictures will just have to come later.

October started with a lovely visit to the beach. On the way I was shocked to realize Jase and I had never been to the beach together. The car ride there was good, and back was not. In between was peaceful, as peaceful as it can be with a toddler and a baby. We napped with the kiddos, each finished a book, and went to bed early. We also got to hang out all week with Aunt Jordy, Uncle Pat, Grace, and Bill. Nana and Uncle Matt were there for half the week too, and we were sad to see them leave early. Tripp still says to me "Hey Mama, let's go to the beach." I wish it were that simple.

We saw lots of dolphins, and one day while Jordy and I walked along the shore of the bay we saw a big family of sting rays. The biggest one was about a foot across, and they were reddish-brown. Jordy stomped in the water to scare one, and after it swam toward her she forbade me from going in the water. I was unsuccessful at getting a pic with my camera phone. I have such great memories of going to the beach growing up, and several times during the week felt like I was back there.

Tripp hated the ocean, but he LOVED the sand! He would just lie face-down in it and just run it through his fingers. Every day we would have to scrub it out of his hair and ears and all his other nooks and crannies. Frannie only went down to the beach once. It took us 45 minutes to get down there with her, and we stayed for 20.

We all took turns cooking, and ate a whole lot of really good food. We had some adventures on ferry boats and to the estuarium, but mostly it was just a relaxing breather that went by too fast. I'm planning to post pictures soon... but don't get your hopes up.

Frannie is now 9 months old. She's crawling all over, pulling up on everything, and thankfully isn't walking just yet. Also this month: we went out to my friend's farm, went to pick out pumpkins, did the Great Pumpkin Run, got dressed up for Halloween, and bought a pop up camper (I'll get into that some other time). The only problem now? November is turning out to be just as eventful.

Here are some gems from Tripp:
me: Daddy's birthday is coming up soon
Tripp: ooooh. wow
me: What should we get him for a present?
Tripp: a bulldozer

me: ...and if you are really good, Santa Claus will bring you a kitchen for Christmas
Tripp: Mama, I like him

me: What do you want Santa to bring you?
Tripp: Christmas

Tripp: Mama, what letter is this?
me: it's the letter U
Tripp: the letter me?
me: no, it's the letter U.
Tripp: me? the letter me? (I gave up)

He is just the sweetest little boy. He pays very close attention to the tone of you voice, and is very concerned if any one gets hurt or is sad. He will kiss any bo-bo, and knows all about the magic healing that a kiss possesses. I love how he calls helicopters "hello-doctors", and wants to stick to the facts. "No mama, it's not happy Friday. It is Friday." It is amazing to witness his active imagination.

Frannie just makes my heart swell every time she flashes me a tooth-less grin. Pretty soon she will have teeth, and be walking, and my little baby girl will be replaced with a defiant toddler.

I'm treasuring each fleeting moment that I can get my hands on