Friday, February 15, 2013

busier than usual

It all started a week ago...

last thursday:
picture day for Tripp. Mom (me) forgot and had to run by picture place to pay for a late order

Tripp and Jase supposed to get haircuts... forgot!
Little sis home from college for the weekend comes by to visit with her four friends

get gift for wedding shower
wedding shower
get cake and balloons
lots of cooking and party prep
Frannie's birthday party
party clean up

Frannie's birthday
mass in the pouring rain
highland parade

no work, Tripp has a pneumonia follow-up appointment at the doc
trim all 20ish rose bushes, haul 2/3rds to the street, get out relatively unscathed

fat tuesday:
Tripp and Frannie both have Mardi Gras parades at school. Frannie needed cat ears and beads for her class
I had a patient at work, and missed the parades :(

ash wednesday:
Tripp and I went to mass at St. Elizabeth's at 7am. Best Ash Wed mass ever! No crowds! Will definitely be going here every year (like I will be able to remember, ha!)

thursday and valentine's day:
tripp's class- 18 unmarked valentines, 2 teacher valentines, ice cream
frannie's class- 14 unmarked valentines, 2 teacher valentines, fruit cups
max's class- 8 unmarked valentines, 3 teacher valentines, 12pack of sprite
PM- you forgot Tripp's allergy medicine. You realize this Friday morning and feel terrible.

YOU MADE IT. You remembered (almost) everything. You spoke with Tripp's teacher and she doesn't hate you for leaving the ice cream of the step outside her door because you were late and the whole class was at the flag ceremony and you didn't know what to do. You figured out Tripp left his coat in music class yesterday. You remembered to bring Max's gas drops, and talk to Frannie's teacher about what happened to her cat ears from the parade.

slow, deep breath.

And here is why it was worth it:

We are always busy. Here's hoping next week is just a tiny bit less

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

turning two

"Turning two must be easy to do,
I just blinked my eyes and it happened to you"

I can hardly believe Frannie is already 2 years old.
It seems like we were just bringing her home yesterday:

She is so full of life. She is just starting to take care care of her baby dolls, and she loves to make cake in her pretend kitchen. Then she brings it around for everyone to sample. She makes a mean "chock-it" (aka chocolate) cake. She also serves tea, but be careful... 
It goes like this: (huge grin) "Tea?" (holding out a cup for you)
"Oh, thank you" (You go to take a sip)
It's only slightly worrisome how much pleasure she takes from you almost (pretend) burning your tongue.
She can count to 10, and she loves to draw... on pretty much anything but paper. She typically prefers to draw in her coloring books with an ink pen rather than colors, I'm guessing because that what her parents and big brother do. She is a way better sleeper than her big brother has ever been. She is still sleeping in her crib, and it's working so I really don't want to mess with that. Still no attempts to climb out- I wonder how long this will last?
She is also terribly independent. I knew this day would come since she comes from a very long line of strong, independent women. Hell bent on making their own mistakes. I still feel blessed everyday that she is in my life. I wish I could slow down time a little bit; I'm trying so hard to freeze these memories in my brain.
The world is a better, brighter place with Frannie in it.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

and then there were five

I can hardly believe it is 2013. New year, new blogging resolutions I suppose. It's already been 3 months since we welcomed Max to the family. This happy little boy fits right in:

One friend sent us a gift, and having 3 children of her own, wrote on the card "enjoy the chaos". That is exactly how I would describe what's going on... we are enjoying the chaos. It's crazy and hectic and there are no days (or nights) off. Whenever I sit down to nurse Max, which is pretty much the only time I do sit down, atleast one small person brings me a book to read aloud. It's hard to say I'm loving every minute, because sometimes the screaming really gets to you. But come on, it would get to anyone.