Monday, January 30, 2012

how do I love thee

I cannot believe how fast my kiddos are growing. Tripp tries my patience often, but knows how to make my heart totally melt. Last night I was sitting on his bedroom floor and he put his little hands on my cheeks, looked in my eyes, put his face really close to mine, and said quietly "Mama, I love you to your heart"

I just sat there and teared up. I was glad Jase was there to witness. I don't know where he heard something like that. The other day we were riding to school and the bright sun was shining right in his face. He covered his eyes and said "Sun! Leave me alone!"

He also has a stuffed dinosaur he's been sleeping with and taking care of lately. We asked what his name was, and without hesitating, "Roni". He comes up with the most unique names for stuffed animals, birds, etc. Here he is reading Roni a book. It's one of his favorites, but instead of Curious George. Tripp calls it "Serious George".

Frannie is getting better at walking everyday, and we're just days away from her first birthday party.

They continue to amaze me each day.

Friday, January 13, 2012

in other news

Frannie started walking last night! 12 steps in a row. It's official.

And from the mouths of babes:
I was taking Frannie to the doctor this week, and had to bring Tripp too. Here's our conversation in the car:
Tripp: Where are we going?
Me: To see Dr. Bill.
Tripp: Mama, what's wrong with me?

Also, yesterday in the car he suddenly held up his pointer finger and said "I have an idea!" I asked him what it was. "Let's go home and watch Peter Pan."

And when you ask him to do something he doesn't want to do... he says "No, we don't want to go to the dentist" or "No, we don't want to put our shoes on" or "No, we don't want a bath"

When he was hammering Lance with questions at the dentist, Lance said "There is no denying that this is your child."

I'm such a proud Mama.

out of my hands

I will remember to call upon the Lord
the great and glorious King.
The wisdom and mercy He has shown
to the house of Israel.

When I sing this song, I can hear Debbie singing it behind me. In my head.

One day a month or 2 ago, I was complaining about all the things going on, and how stressed I was, and how I didn't know what to do or where to start. My co-worker gently said "It's out of your hands. Say a quick prayer." I keep reminding myself of this OFTEN. In theory, it seems so simple! How many things in my life I have so little control over. December was very stressful. Some how when I(we) am(are) down to the last strand to hold on to... God shows up and everything is taken care of. Every time.

The day we spend our last dollar (not literally- I'm slightly better at it than that), we get an unexpected refund check in the mail. And every time I'm amazed.

My always-optimistic husband also helps keep me from dragging down everyone and everything with my negative views: "Are we destitute? Do our kids have anything more serious than a cold? Do we have jobs?"

des·ti·tute: Adjective:

1. Without the basic necessities of life. 
2. Not having.

It has always been hard to admit when I don't have control over a situation, or something, or anything. It is even harder now as a mom. In addition to better budgeting, here's my other resolution:
step 1: acknowledge I've done everything I can do
step 2: admit to myself it is out of my hands 
step 3: say a quick prayer
step 4: stop freaking out about it (the hard part)

Friday, January 6, 2012


I came across 2 amazing blogs/articles/etc. that I totally love about parenting. The first is called:
"50 Rules for Dads of Daughters" by Michael Mitchell. You can find it here:

The second is one called:
"25 Rules for Mothers of Sons" by The Struders, found on their blog here:

These lists pretty much describe the goals I have for me and Jase's co-parenting team, although I don't think I could put it quite like they have- so I didn't try! Here are the little ones that own my heart, drive me crazy, and make me proud to be a Mama:

oh happy day

Thursday, January 5, 2012

just another typical morning

Getting Tripp dressed each morning is a nightmare challenging, and typically taken on by Daddy. You have to give him a few outfits to choose from, and really make each one sound appealing. Jase is particularly good at this part :) This morning one of the options was a camouflage shirt Tripp hadn't worn before. He quickly said no to that, but agreed after Daddy explained that this was a special shirt that dinosaur hunters get to wear.

Not long after that...

Tripp hollered "Mama, look at this!" I came down the hall to find him shining a flashlight on an antique radio we have from Bub, Jase's grandfather (and Tripp's namesake). He looked at me with wide eyes and said "Look, I found a dinosaur". I said "Oooh (and reaching out) can I pet it?" He quickly jumped in front of it holding up both hands, "NO! Don't touch the dinosaur!!" Then he would tilt his head from side to side examining it. Is there anything better than a kid with a great imagination?

Jase and I put Tripp's coat on at least 4 times this morning, and he said it kept "falling off". Even when it was zipped... Sometimes it is really hard not to laugh. Then I opened the door, and said "C'mon let's get in the car". Tripp walks out. I turn and pick up purse, pump, and coffee. Turn back, and Tripp is in the middle of our next door neighbor's yard. I holler for him to come back, trying to lure him with juice, cereal (anything). He responds with a sing-song-y "noooo" and takes off. I chase him down, "wrasle" him in the car, and we're off singing "this little light of mine" on our way to school. He especially loves the hide it under a bushel part, screaming NO and then laughing each time.

Frannie's still sick at home fighting this virus with all of her might. We are so thankful for Aunt Alli and Aunt Adri for playing and snuggling with her this week and helping us out.

I promise, we know how lucky and blessed we are at this fresh start to a new year